Wenlock C of E Junior School Learning and Growing within the love of God

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.


Mr A Prior


Deputy Headteacher

Mrs R Lightfoot


Assistant Headteacher/SENDCO

Ms D Alexis



Miss N Ahmed

Ms R Anderson - Year 5 leader

Mrs S Ayres

Miss A Breen - Year 3 leader

Miss K Bright

Mr T Clark

Miss R Clay

Miss Z Jackson

Miss S Naeem

Mrs R Nash - Year 4 leader

Mr A Olde

Miss C Oliver

Mrs E Spalding - Year 6 leader

Mrs S Varnals

Miss M Ward


Teaching Assistants

Mrs D Allen

Mrs N Bowler

Miss A Coleman

Miss A Cooper

Mr J Filis

Miss M Hira

Mr B Maguire

Mrs K Shepherd

Mrs E Woolley

Mrs D Worrall


Family Worker

Mrs F Purslow


School Business Manager

Mrs P Marshall


Office Manager/Headteacher PA

Mrs M Collins


Office Staff

Mrs A Augustine

Mrs H Daniel

Mrs S Garbett

Mrs S Martin


Healthcare Assistant

Mrs K Babalola


Learning Resource Technician

Mrs S Klausner


Midday Supervisors

Mrs S Campbell

Mrs C Pankhania

Mrs T Whitman


Site Manager

Mr N Anderson


Cleaning Staff

Mrs A Augustine

Miss D Duffy

Mrs C Pankhania


Kitchen Staff

Mrs D Dempsey

Mrs B Kaur

Miss I Saeed


Lighthouse Provision Unit


Provision Lead

Miss G Waversek


Specialist T/As Behaviour

Mrs M Armstrong

Mrs G Bradbury

Mr S Cain

Mrs K Fonseca

Mrs A King

Mrs A Nagle

Mrs L Raynor

Miss M Starkey

Mrs K Wilton



Mrs A Cain