Wenlock C of E Junior School Learning and Growing within the love of God

Virtual tour of our school

In these challenging times we are not able to conduct our usual open evening for you and your children to visit, so instead we have put together this virtual tour for you to enjoy and share with your year families.



Dear prospective Team Wenlock Parents and Carers,


A very warm virtual welcome to Wenlock C of E Junior School.


We are a high-achieving aspirational school that offers an exceptional and unique learning journey for every child it is our privilege to educate.


Our British Christian Values of Love, Compassion, Tolerance, and Care are universal to all, and make Wenlock a truly inclusive school where children of all faiths and cultures come together in a warm and supportive environment to learn and grow.


Fundamental to our ethos is “Team Wenlock”  - every child, parent, carers, staff member, and governor is a member, and we support one another at all times, and in many ways.


When you join Team Wenlock you will find yourself part of a school that really does put the children first at all times, but support families and community as well.


Every blessing,


Alex Prior



Team Wenlock Children are wonderful, unique young people, who demonstrate our values and standards every day. We are a thoroughly modern school with traditional values – we recognise the importance of manners, smart uniforms and pride in our appearance, involvement with our community, an awareness of the wider world, and our spiritual and moral growth.



The Team Wenlock Journey is unique to us. Form the moment you start at the school you will be on a journey where you experience exciting new things, visit new places, take part in amazing activities and challenges and build confidence and skills that will serve you well throughout your life. Whether it is visiting the seaside, or writing to an MP, or cooking like a Viking, or making a movie, there are literally hundreds of special Wenlock Journey experiences you will love!


Technology for Learning @Wenlock


Wenlock is also a highly progressive and innovative school that utilises the latest technology to inspire and prepare children for the future.


The Wenlock Wonder Lab is unique to us, and allows children to experience film making, digital photography, robotics, 3D printing, holography and more.


We have a whole class Virtual Reality System that allows entire classes together to visit destinations around the world, from the Pyramids, to Mecca, the Taj Mahal, to The Great Wall of China, the surface of the moon to the deep sea, and even back in time to the Trenches of World War One.


The school is equipped with a large number of Chromebooks for student use, and Wenlock ensures every child has access to technology for home learning in the event of COVID disruptions to school.







Short description:


In English you will explore a range of writing genres linked to different, exciting books. You will write creatively across a range of subjects including History, Geography and Science. With your teacher, you will read different texts, learn about different grammatical devices and then apply what you have learnt to your own writing, producing some amazing pieces of work. 


You will also read a wide range of books and poetry from a variety of different authors. Each year, you will read a book by David Walliams and Roald Dahl as well as learning poetry by John Agard and Michael Rosen. 


In Maths, you will learn a range of skills for calculation, which you will use to solve lots of interesting problems. You will explore weighing and measuring, as well as finding out how to tell the time and use money. You will get the opportunity to create and interpret different graphs and charts and understand how to use fractions. You will also get the opportunity to join in with maths days and learn about how we all use maths in our everyday lives.


In Science you will start by looking at the human body. You will learn about how we move, what muscles and bones you have in your body and will even have a skeleton in your classroom to look at! We will be doing lots of exciting experiments to explore different Science topics like rocks, forces, plants and light.


In Art, you will be creating prehistoric pieces of art, as though you are a Stone Age man or woman living in a cave. You will get to experiment with a range of materials, such as charcoal, wire, string and many more! It will be extremely fun and a little bit messy! We will explore the works of a range of artists such as Judith Braun - who uses her fingers and charcoal for her artwork.


In Music you will get the chance to try out lots of different instruments, including the ukulele, samba drums and the violin. You will learn lots of songs and use your body to create music too! We listen to different types of music in class each week during registration; songs from the radio, songs from different periods of history and songs from all round the world. I wonder what will be your favourite! 


In DT, you will be making fruit, stewed which will be linked to the Stone Age. You will then move on to creating a shaduf which will be linked to the Egyptian topic. In the summer you will be designing and then making your own pencil case. For each topic you will be designing, making and then evaluating your products.


In PE you will have lots of fun, be taught many different sports and use the best equipment available. We will work individually and as a team to grow and appreciate physical education together. Your lessons will always allow you to express yourselves and learn with a smile. 


In French you will have fun learning to speak another language.  You will learn to count, to say simple sentences, to know the parts of your body and the favourite - you will learn the colours of Autumn in French.  You may even learn to say ‘Bonjour Madam’ when the register is called.


In History you will learn all about the prehistoric period: studying the Stone Age through to the Iron Age. You then move on to look at The Romans in Britain and may even get to visit a local Roman historical site in St Albans. To end the year you get to find out all about the Ancient Egyptians. You will work together to critically research and enquire about the past, using a range of sources and artefacts to help you develop your learning and understanding.


When you join our school next year, in Geography, your teachers will present you with lots of interesting information about physical and human geography of the United Kingdom. In Spring, you will learn lots of amazing new facts about Volcanoes and in Summer, you will focus your learning on exploring Scandinavian countries and compare them to England. 


In RE you will learn about how and why people worship.  You will learn about how faith can help believers to live their lives.  You will find out that all faiths have a lot in common.  You will be given many opportunities to express your opinion and share your ideas.  You will also visit different places of worship and talk to religious leaders.


In PSCHE, you will learn so much about yourself.  We will explore how to keep your mind and body healthy through exercise and diet. You will know how to be a good friend and learn about healthy relationships with others.  

It is important you know how to keep yourself safe in different situations and know who you can talk to if you have any worries.


We are very lucky at Wenlock to have a wide range of different computing devices, you will get a chance to use IPads, Laptops and Chromebooks. We start in Year 3 by teaching you how to use a laptop, signing in to your own Google account and using Google Classroom. You will also get a chance to do some coding and animation too! 



360 degree photos of:



This is where we welcome visitors to the school, and you can see displays of student work and the many cups and trophies we win.

2a 2b 2c

Wenlock Wonder Lab

Our amazing Wonderlab is where you can use the latest Apple Macintosh computers to make digital films, edit photos, make music, explore robotics and holography, and even do some 3D printing!


Main Hall

We have a large hall with a brand new stage area and the latest special effects lighting and sound system for performances. You will also visit the hall for lunch and some PE lessons!



Wenlock has two floors, and sometimes you will need to go upstairs to visit the library, or perhaps the medical room. There are also classrooms upstairs for the older children.

5a 5b

School Library

Our library is very popular – and there are plenty of comfy seats to sit on while you browse a book. Reading is very, very important for every student at Wenlock.


Year 3 Classroom

Our classrooms are big and spacious, with plenty of room to make stuff and explore your learning.

7a 7b

Main playground

It’s big with plenty of room to sun around and play!


The Lighthouse

This special place is for some children who need a little extra help – it’s very friendly!

9a 9b 9c

The Astroturf play area and sports field

We are very lucky to have this brand new area for playtimes and PE, with an outdoor gym and climbing frames. The sports field is big, and even has a nature reserve at the far end.



Some important staff members would like to say hello!



Short info hello:

Miss Breen

Hi, I’m Miss Breen, I’m the head of Year 3, and I’m really happy that you will soon be joining Team Wenlock! I love reading and can’t wait to share some fantastic books with you all! I enjoy spending my time with my children and dogs and taking them all on long walks. 

Miss Naeem

Hello, I’m Miss Naeem and I look forward to meeting you all at Wenlock. I am a huge fan of the Harry Potter books and my all-time favourite pizza topping is pineapple! 

Miss Clay

Hello, I’m Miss Clay and I am really excited you have chosen Team Wenlock.  I love chocolate of all kinds, travelling to new countries and I adore animals.”

Mr Olde

I’m Mr Olde and I am the PE teacher at Wenlock. I am very excited to be able to teach you many different sports and see you all grow. I love sports, especially football, tennis and golf. My favourite restaurant is Nando’s and I always wear a cap so I don’t have to do my hair in the morning.

Mr Prior

I’m the Headteacher and I am delighted to welcome you to Team Wenlock. I love Sherlock Holmes, and reading, and my favourite cake is Lemon Drizzle!

You’ll see me most mornings and afternoons on the playground, so give me a wave!”

Miss Alexis

I am the Assistant Headteacher and SENDCo here and I’m really looking forward to welcoming you to Wenlock.  I am a huge fan of cake, especially birthday cake. I like to hula hoop in my spare time and I love soul music and dancing.  Did I mention that I really like cake....?

Mrs Lightfoot

Hello, I’m the Deputy Headteacher, and I work with Mr Prior and all the teachers to make sure you have a fantastic time and learn lots of stuff as a member of Team Wenlock. I like most kinds of biscuits, especially Kit Kats.