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Wenlock C of E Junior School


At Wenlock, our Science vision incorporates the development of scientific knowledge along with the development of skills needed to work scientifically. Science is recognised as a core subject in the national curriculum for England which allows to children to investigate curiosities in the world around them. Children are taught enquiry skills allowing them to create scientific questions which can be answered through investigation. They are taught to carry out fair tests, make observations, research, look for patterns and sort and classify. Within these enquiry types, children will develop skills to collect and record data accurately, draw graphs to show patterns in results, suggest improvements to enquiries and discuss ideas for further investigations. Science is a subject where children develop a deeper understanding and make sense of how their world works. Science is taught in a practical way allowing children to find things out for themselves. Discussions take place to develop progression in understanding and allows for misconceptions to be addressed. We aim to make science an inspirational and enjoyable subject in which children can satisfy their own curiosities giving them choice in how they wish to develop aspects of their scientific understanding, keeping in line with the national curriculum targets.