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School closure - Y3

Wenlock C of E Junior School

Covid-19 Closure

Online Resources to support your child’s learning at home


Please find below general resources to support your child if they are home learning (in addition to Google Classroom home learning work set by their teacher)


Well done for another good week of home learning. We have all been really impressed with the level of work coming in from most children.


A special well done to the following children for completing their Sumdog Challenges already! If your child has not yet completed the challenges, they will come to an end on Friday 12th February 2021 at 3.30pm.


Grammar - Anwar, Mary, Hemani, Manha, Fimisola, Nathan K, Isa, Daniel S and Millie.


Spelling - Isa, Daniel S, Hemani and Lily-Mai A.


Maths - Daniel S, Daniel H, Hemani, Isa, Anwar and Zara


Please encourage your children to join the live sessions when possible.

9.15am – Maths

10.30am – English

1pm – Curriculum subject


As you can see from the timetable below, there are lots of lessons and activities for your children to be getting on with.


If you have any questions, queries or concerns, please email your child’s class teacher on,



Year 3




Live Lesson

10.30am - Live Lesson


1pm - Live Lesson


Other activities throughout the week

Monday 8.2.21

RWI video is shared for RWI group

Would you rather question?

Live Lesson


Live Lesson


Something special – a different task each day

Live Lesson - History


2pm - PE

challenge for the week.  

Fantastic Mr. Fox chapter

ðReading books from home


ðReading books on


ðQuizzing on the books they have read


ðSpelling Sumdog challenge


ðMaths Sumdog challenge


ðGrammar Sumdog challenge

Tuesday 9.2.21

Live Lesson


Live Lesson


Live Lesson - RE

Fantastic Mr. Fox chapter

Wednesday 10.2.21

Live Lesson


Live Lesson


Live Lesson - Science

Fantastic Mr. Fox chapter



Live Lesson


Live Lesson


Live Lesson - PSHCE - 


2pm Music lesson (pre-recorded)

Fantastic Mr. Fox chapter



Live Lesson


Live Lesson


Live Lesson – Form time followed by Learning Wrestle 


Fantastic Mr. Fox chapter – end of book



All children in Years 3, 4 and 5 have access to a Sumdog account for Maths. This has been extended to include Reading and GPS. Each child has an individual log in and password which they use for their weekly homework. They can access their account at any time to play games etc.

School code: wenlockcofe


Times Tables Rockstars

This is an online resource and app that the school have purchased for children to practise their times tables. They can compete against each other whilst practicing and learning their timestables. All children have an individual username and login to access their account.


Discovery Education

Wenlock also subscribe to Discovery Education/Espresso and have home access. This can be used for any topic that the children are doing and has worksheets, news articles, videos etc.

Login: student4163

Password: wenlock



Vooks is an online book library. They are providing parent resources and a two week scheme of work for parents in the event of school closures. Parents will need to sign up using the link above to a one month free trial.


First News Education

First News is a children’s newspaper that the school subscribe too. They are doing at home learning resources by following the link below.



World e Books

World e Books are offering free books to parents etc for the following month. This will help increase your child’s exposure to reading whilst they are off.


AR Book Finder

You can check that books your child is reading at home are on the AR quiz scheme at:


Accelerated Reader

Use your child’s login to access and take quizzes like they would at school once they have finished reading a book.



Twinkl are currently offering parents their Ultimate package for free. As a school, we use Twinkl to support our planning so this is a fantastic resource to use.

1. How do I sign up for the free month?

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Enter the code you have received, or CVDTWINKLHELPS if you have not yet been given a code

Step 3: Share the offer code and website link with anyone who could benefit 


White Rose Maths

Daily maths lessons shared on a Facebook group here -