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Wenlock C of E Junior School


Here at Wenlock, we follow a Mastery curriculum for maths using the White Rose Maths Hub scheme.



The Mastery curriculum ensures children learn at depth, rather than breadth and allows them to make links within the different areas of maths.


The three aims of the Maths National Curriculum are:

  • Fluency - practising a new mathematical skill until the children are confident.
  • Reasoning - explaining mathematical process and how conclusions have been reached.
  • Problem solving - using mathematical knowledge to solve problems in various contexts.


The Mastery curriculum has a particular focus on reasoning and problem solving, which means there is plenty of maths talk going on in our classrooms at Wenlock, with children expected to use mathematical vocabulary consistently.


The White Rose Maths Hub

The White Rose Maths Hub provides term by term overviews for the National Curriculum, example activities and termly assessments.


At Wenlock we use these resources to ensure the children are provided with challenge and depth in all lessons.


Please see the documents below for an outline of the areas being covered in each year group.