Wenlock C of E Junior School Learning and Growing within the love of God

House Points

All Children at Wenlock are members of a house group, these are:

Rowling (Red)

Curie (Yellow)

Hawking (Green)

Pankhurst (Blue)


Each week children are awarded house points for displaying the schools values and following the Smart Code:

S Speak appropriately and listen attentively
M Meet new challenges
A Always organise yourself and your belongings
R Respect property and the environment
T Treat others with consideration and respect


In Wenlock the children are rewarded throughout the day with house points. This may be for a number of reasons surrounding praise of effort throughout the day. The children also have the opportunity to be rewarded with a silver house point (5 house points) for achievement identified by their teachers within fast writing or fast math’s throughout the school week. They also have the opportunity to be rewarded a gold house point (10 house points). These are only awarded by members of SLT for exceptional achievement inside or outside representing the school.


The children are placed within one of 4 houses. Either Rowling house, Hawking house, Pankhurst house or Curie house. Throughout the year the children hold the opportunity to compete together within their houses through a variety of inter-house activities. These take the form in football, dodgeball, rounder’s and bench ball. The children also have the opportunity to compete across math’s days and a weekly reading challenge where the total number of reads a week equate to a score of house points.


At the end of term the house that has collect the most house points are given a special end of term treat, also can come in non-school uniform. Please keep an eye on the newsletter for House points winner of the week.